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Discord Visited the Human world

Is there a human world edition of. discord i'm not so certain the human world . seems to have a version of each. equestrian creature yet we don't know if. discord is even from equestria he would. be older than equestria itself for all. we know i imply we have seen what sort of. nonequestrian creatures he's befriended. over the centuries and he absolutely. would not live in equestria so i'm. susceptible to imagine the human global. doesn't have its possess discord but that. doesn't suggest discord couldn't go to the. human international in fact the facts. suggests he already has. here's aa question for you what would. happen if discord went in the course of the. portal to the human international could he. separate into all his components and. disperse or maybe he'd grow to be a human. maybe but if discord doesn't make. experience in equestria what is to claim he'd.
Make feel at any place else when it comes. to discord i believe he'd take the form of. form he desires to take anonymous. says of being as strong as discord. dealing with the portal would simply be. ready to experience the transformation magic. and say no to it plus it is discord he. would not need the replicate in the 1st. place he might take the form of a human. if he wanted but there is no purpose. discord would have to change as it. happens i feel it really is the shape he changed into. in while he went to the human world and. all that comes from one small but. intriguing piece of evidence with the. portal now open indefinitely and the. sirens lately defeated the main six. have been ready to spend an evening together. at a carnival shenanigans ensued yet one. moment principally caught me off preserve. twilight held out a discord. plushie to which fluttershy whacked it.
Out of her fingers for whatever that. happened in only one second there is a. lot to unpack here obviously twilight. is aware about discord she'd been by way of a. lot with him by using this point so it. would not be wonderful if she had made. this plushie but it's implied that she. received it at the fair. why might the fair have discord plushies. the most effective rationalization i'm able to give some thought to. will be if the plushie turned into initially a. stuffed bear or whatever and discord. dropped by means of to poof it into his possess photo. it'd be as easy as that yet we additionally . have to contemplate the prospect that. this plushie as we noticed it became designed. and manufactured by way of other individuals meaning. twilight's no longer the only person in this. international who is aware approximately discord now that. is a can of worms i'm able to examine . other ways folks could have learned. approximately discord first twilight informed approximately.
Him she described his likeness and he. became public expertise via her this. might clarify fluttershy's reaction. when she become unwilling to whack the. moles she had no hindrance missing discord. perhaps that is cause twilight informed her of. his history with manipulating animals. whether twilight additionally defined his. reformation this fluttershy cannot. for my part attest to that without a doubt . fluttershy's response may have a miles. simpler rationalization she loves nature now not. a lot freaks of nature the two of those. factors tournament what we learn about. fluttershy so we don't know if twilight. ever talked about discord to her let. on my own the rest of the area if she. did not that brings us to the second and. extra fun possibility that discord has. made appearances during this world people. have visible him and during these. sightings he is come to be a wellestablished.
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