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Reading your awful discord DMs
among the very cool features about. discord is the direct message feature. it allows you and your friend to. converse between yourselves in confidential. however another one of the very cool. features about discord is the flexibility to. allow. practically anyone to direct messaging. it truly is something i've allowed for the. entire time i've been on discord no. topic who you're. you could dm me this has caused a plethora. of obnoxiously stupid dms from people. that i've in no way spoken to in my overall. existence during this video we'll be going over. maximum of these plus some other humorous ones. from people if you enjoyed this. video please show your support through. subscribing it's completely free and also you. can necessarily unsubscribe later that being. stated i am hoping you loved this video. the stupid subject. isaac has no appreciate for league players.

He could simply kick you. bomb this bro i'm gonna i am. in the league game. uh what are we doing oh yeah delay. yeah nope uh yeah we are about to finish. right here. the towers are low. the towers yep oh i'm getting i'm going. for baron i am getting barren i am. pregnant. remind you or anything bro. ladies and gentlemen the undertaker. the big show. are you able to assist me with anything what. please are you able to talking generally on top. of the server. oh that's the hard r unanimous. assertion of the thirteen correct whats up. you wanna steam fifty greenback present card. for a mute i'm gonna move myself. check out that you silly [ __ ]. wanna see my cat. what does this even suggest. what's. wait wait wait wait wait investigate this. check out this look at this look at this. jake said you did bathroom selfie please. do one again. he messaged all the ladies oh my god.

look every woman. yo what's this isaac i didn't be aware of you. knew that man. you are not one textual content to i and your ass is. long past. how did i do it returned. i have been bullied for seeking feminine. yet i have been hitting the health club as of. lately and trying to alter my. appearance. this photograph is from a week in the past please do. not try to bring me down with you hate. comments or being. an ironic troll it will not work. look into kaylee's message below. how much do you get paid consistent with hour. do they recognize we do not pay our mods wait. look at the one slightly above that. through ryzen's maid. let's six that guy snapped me that blue. little loose. face display face display oh my god hi there. you fat why do i have to change my. profile photo. sign tos hate image okay i will imagine. about it. here's my plan for united states let's hear it. though nickely wiggly is the string on.
Hershey's kisses. i pronounced it because of poopies can you. unmute it's not even nword. exciting reality this is called a niggly wiggly. oh my god that is terrifying. seem above the venae message there are. three of the same. man calling all the staff team like. nerds and . this middle moderator nerd discord. moderator and their discord moderator. i can not difference my name at present please. can you look the opposite direction. isaac isaac look inspect this one. someone tried impersonating it look. need to make a vid no no why since you. are an historical guy. the wow that's genuine why will not isaac. why make a video with tender. willy classical isaac. am i able to get a quote quote in gentle willy. server it is a nacho libre i'm i'm. proposing a nacho leaf. i a big brown juice out of my. what phone do we obtained bro bro hello yeah. mozzie the bot's damaged regulation.
It continues landing on black. they weren't even losing either they. were triumphing. look at the one below that look at jamal. tbh i be

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