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a way to GET Your own DISCORD BOT TAG 2021
Do you guys need a. bot tag beside your discord username. well in this video there is some thing. that you'll be able to have about tag beside your. person date. so the very first thing you could do. is to open up any of your browser that. you've. and yeah um let me just. reduce all of these come on. and okay. there we pass so. first things first you have to make a. bot. so you may visit discord. developer developer. portal or anything that you really want to assert. so this primary one. you spot this first link. visit that first link. then while this display screen indicates. cross you can cross into aapplications over. right here. and i have my own bots over right here. now thank you so if you don't know how. to create a bot. let me simply show it you see this new. application beside my username. or logo then click that new. application. call your bot that you really want like. google yeah anything that i want.
Then create so when kupo bot discord pass. into that um or if you are saying. wait a minute i forgot that convinced. functions. you created your individual aspect and popular. information. you then can choose your. app icon anything which you need i'm simply. gonna try this. shop adjustments and what you need to do is. to repeat. this program id and. new tab and bot. invite. you will see this or else i will simply. leave. the link of this discord developer. portal. in the outline then go to. the new tab bot invite. or to. authorize scope is equal to what button. correct click on that hyperlink. and there you'll see. discard dot com minimize show auth to. authorize purchaser id is equal to. and this range until right here so what you. ought to do is to. cut that range and. paste your application id. in there and press enter and. there what. oh wait one minute. what did i oh yes and acquired.
Wait how to setup a bot in discord did an awful lot tougher for. you guys. one minute. ok and after that this yeah so. yet build a bot you see this. when you cross into widespread information. choose a new icon then go into. bot after which click on upload bot over right here. sure do it and there you move. you have this over right here all of this. then what you have to do. is to only replica that. widespread information application identity then. cross into what invite. click on this primary over right here sorry for. messing up on that. final facet and. paste that over there and are available on work. there we pass so now this display screen. will come you can select your server. maintain and blah blah blah anything. that you want and authorize. you could just confirm that you are a human. and when it's. finished it is going to be accredited. um one minute okay. so what you should do is to head on your. discord. server and move down right here and you'll discover.
This. your bot is right here so it will not. switch on what you must do. is to enter bots returned. and also you see this all token you ought to. copy that. and what you need to do is to. um i feel sure visit. discard wait i feel i have this one. over here. this card permit me simply do this. definite uh this discord weblog bot. what am i announcing discord bot purchaser. so one minute you can. sort either otherwise i'll just. leave a link down below within the . description field so it is. very easy for you men discord purchaser. bot down load okay. um yeah so the first. link discardbot client. click on that link and. because to dang it that is loads of date. download and. windows installer and. just click installer not on transportable. due to the fact. it will likely be simple for you guys cancel that. get out of here and allow me simply slash. all. this let me just open up.
okay there we go so when it's completed. set it up yo

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